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 Blog  Author  Views  Date Started
A Challenge DONTFITMOLD 106 08/22
Balance DONTFITMOLD 99 08/20
Dangerous Dangerous Fracking MillionDollarBab Recommended 105 08/20
Daffodils and Tulips MillionDollarBab Recommended 54 08/18
The Cure For the Common Cold MillionDollarBab Recommended 55 08/18
Why Go for Cheap Stuff? Justsimplicity Recommended 106 08/17
Questions for questions... jstaguy Recommended 96 08/16
Do not look for a soul mate, you may lose your ... Maggy40 152 08/16
Fishing with Fishy.Sablefish,the most beautiful ... fishyme 117 08/16
Safe harbor yet? Maggy40 64 08/15
It's a funny thing about time (and mirrors ... Yoyi121784 Recommended 80 08/15
Whats on your mind.. smax117 Recommended 75 08/15
It is the Worst Valantine's Day Gift I Ever ... Justsimplicity Recommended 49 08/14
Welcome to the journey... Maggy40 65 08/14
WARNING..If you take photos with your cell ... MMCounselor Recommended 189 08/13
sex home delivery Justsimplicity Recommended 89 08/13
Religion AndrewBB 71 08/13
The Alpha Dog Comes In MillionDollarBab Recommended 60 08/12
Here We go Again... My Hair! Justsimplicity Recommended 67 08/12
Messiah [Jesus Christ] Trending in Tennesse ... Livnlov 93 08/12
Seen any good movies lately? August 2013 BeWell 45 08/11
No wonder men suffer from high BP Justsimplicity Recommended 72 08/11
You Seem to Be Attracting the Wrong People ... Justsimplicity Recommended 157 08/09
Church Memebers Stealing in Style Justsimplicity Recommended 71 08/09
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 Messiah [Jesus Christ] Trending in Tennesse ...
 Why Go for Cheap Stuff?
 Picking Up Women With Guitar Cases
 Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
 Fishing with Fishy.Sablefish,the most ...

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